The Blinking Planetary


I send you N.G.C. 6826 “The blinking planetary”.

I could easely see the blinking from direct and inverted vision. The central star was bright, but I could
not see any inner ring in the nebula as some artists reports. The central area near the star appears
dark to me, but the nebula itself looks bright and easy. I am sorry, my drawings gets older and older, and so am I, but I have practiced astronomy for nearly 50 years , so…… But I think the D.S.- objects looks the same today!

Thank you very much for fine comments on my earlier sketches!
Clear sky to you all!!

from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

One thought on “The Blinking Planetary”

  1. Per – Jonny,

    I’m really glad you sketched this planetary. It looks great in your sketch. I was observing it a few nights ago. I don’t quite get as good a view as you do but it is a fine target for sketching.
    We must be close in age because I also have been observing for half a century.

    Frank 🙂

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