From Sirsalis to Damoiseau

From Sirsalis to Damoiseau 

 This was the first time that I had used my new (to me) Superscopes 6″ F9 triplet
refractor for a sketch. As per usual I sketch what my eye is most drawn to and
then research the area after.

   In this case I struggled to match up the craters that I had captured with any of
my many books & atlases. In the end I got a best match from an excellent free
down load picture Atlas/portfolio by Alan Chu. I decided that it must be the
Sirsalis region although the stunning illumination I enjoyed wasn’t captured in
any thing that I had in my library.

 I used the following:
  Superscopes 150mm F9 triplet refractor, Denk binoviewer with 2.5x lens, 2x 23mm
  Celestron Axiom eyepieces straight through so no diagonal delivering 146x.
  6″x8″ (150mm x 200mm) light black card of unknown origin
  Derwent watercolour pencils, Derwent pastel pencils, conte sticks & blending stumps
  25.8.07, 21.30UT sketch time 10minutes.
  Location: Chippingdale observatory, Chipping Nr Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England.

Dale Holt

3 thoughts on “From Sirsalis to Damoiseau”

  1. Dale,

    Fantastic sketch along the shore of the Ocean of Storms. You have beautifully captured this region.


  2. Dale,

    This is an excellent and beautiful lunar sketch! I’m sorry I missed it yesterday when it was featured, but I was recovering from the football game I attended the previous night. Great job!


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