Two Sisters

A view of the great Veil nebula: East (at left, NGC6995 and NGC6992) and West (at right, NGC 6960).

They are expanding remnants of an ancient supernova in Cygnus located 2000 light years away from us, and span on area of 100 light years (3 degrees of arc).
A wide feld eyepieces and a narrowband filter (such as O3 or UHC) is recommended for viewing the Veil, even under dark skies, to distinguish the nebula from background star glow of the milky way.

These objects were sketched during observations through Orion 8″ f/5 newtonian, 25mm Sirius plossl eyepiece, and Orion ultrablock filter.
Drawings were rendered at different times (2009 and 2010) , under similar conditions, in Negev desert skies in Israel.
Technique is a pretty standard one – black graphite pencils, white paper, eraser, cotton balls and a red light. Later the sketch was inverted and processed in Photoshop.

Michael Vlasov

4 thoughts on “Two Sisters”

  1. Beautiful ! Very Beautiful sketch Ho my God !! What a lot of work it must take ! you drew all the star and the nebulae is so realistic !

    It really look like if we look trought the eyepiece. WOaaaaaaaa 🙂

    Congratulation !


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