Jupiter and Uranus Together

Jupiter and Uranus Together

Sketch and Details by Carlos E. Hernandez

I was able to view Jupiter and Uranus tonight (September 18, 2010 at 01:30 U.T.) under better atmospheric (seeing) conditions while using my Oberwerk 11 x 56 mm binoculars. We had just had a rain storm and the skies cleared beautifully with relatively faint stars (5m+) visible overhead. Jupiter appeared sharp in the binocular field and now all four of the Galilean satellites were visible. Uranus was visible near Jupiter and was now 48.9 arc-minutes (0.82 degrees) apart from it. The other stars identified in my previous observation were also visible but now were now clearer. I hope that others were able to view this pairing as well.

A digital image produced in Acorn.

Carlos E Hernandez

2 thoughts on “Jupiter and Uranus Together”

  1. Carlos,

    I can’t imagine anyone not eyeing this conjuction, it’s by far the most exciting one in many aspects. I submitted a similar rendition of this planetary rendezvous-‘Spotlight on Jupiter’, and hopefully we’ll get to see it one day here on ASOD. Good work Carlos!


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