M22 from Northern Latitudes

Messier M22 in Sagittarius. This is probably the biggest globular
cluster of the “polish sky”, but unfortunately observable from
northern latitudes is not so impressive… is also very little known
in Poland.
I would like to sketch it in the future… hanging much higher above
the horizon in the southern countries!
I’ve heard that it is brighter than the Hercules globular cluster and
outshined only by the two bright southern globulars – Omega Centauri
and 47 Tucanae 🙂
I spent the holiday in the Southern Poland, near the border of European
Union, with Ukraine. 🙂
It has given me the opportunity to sketch this under the sky of the
NELM 7.0.
That globular hanged there a bit higher than in my region!
I used SCT11″ and Hyperion modular aspheric 31mm.


Author: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)
Object Name: M22 from northern latitude 🙂
Object Type (globular cluster )
Location (Mołodycz, Poland)
Date (10-08-2010)
Equipment: 11″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope + CGEM
Eyepiece: Hyperion modular aspheric 31mm..

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