Inside M13: A River in Darkness

Hello friends, I want to share with everyone an unforgettable experience, a journey inside the globular cluster M13.

Object Name: M13 (NGC 6205) Globular Cluster
Location: Benacebada, Granada (Spain)
Date: 2010.07.09
Media: graphite pencil, white paper.

Telescope: 16″ Dob. The observing conditions: with new moon, the seeing and transparency excellent.
For details inside of M13 I used maximum magnifications 523X (3,5 Hyperion eyepiece):It shows well defines bands of stars.The most spectacular was the dark zone or region near the center. Like a river of darkness.

I hope you enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Inside M13: A River in Darkness”

  1. Leonor,

    This is unusual view!
    Has anyone seen such stripes of stars in M13?
    The sketch is very interesting.


  2. You arise me a big curiosity, next new moon I’ll try to check it out.

    Thank you for the sketch.

    Genial Leonor!


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