Sparkling Lagoon

-Messier 8 / NGC 6523
-Emission Nebula
-Connecticut, USA
-August 6, 2010
-Black and grey colored pencil on white paper, black uni-ball pen to accentuate stars, and eraser to help smudge nebulosity. Drawing photographed with Panasonic DMC-TZ3 and imported to Photoshop for inverting, and slight blurring to “nebulize” the actual emissions while keeping stars intact.

Observed in an orange/yellow zone with a 203mm Newtonian. M8 was sketched as seen with a Lumicon UHC filter which created an extremely noticeable improvement in the extent of the region’s nebulosity. Transparency was judged to be about a seven out of ten.

Paul Schneider

2 thoughts on “Sparkling Lagoon”

  1. Ah, the effects of light pollution are so pernicious! Paul has drawn an image of M8 that would closely resemble the view with a 2″ telescope and no filter under pristine skies.
    Beautifully detailed, this drawing points out how important it is that all of we amateur astronomers support light-abatement programs.
    Paul, you deserve to see how M8 appears under dark skies with the same equipment.
    You obviously have an eye for detail–you would be overwhelmed.

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