3 thoughts on “Diamonds on deep blue satin”

  1. Hi Peter,
    what a beautiful sketch of the Pleiades, I’d really be interested in what your conditions were, how much of the blue reflection nebula did you actually see?
    How long did you observe to create this sketch?
    If you’ve seen them anything near like that, you must have had very good conditions and be a very talented observer!
    You definitely have my admiration!


  2. Peter,
    This is a wonderful drawing of the 7 sisters. Very artistic and attractive.

  3. Hi, Sebastian and Frank.
    Thanks for your comments.I’m absent…because I’m on vacation in Greece(island of Syros-Cyclades)…
    Sebastian,the nebulosity I maded watching a photo from the ones that already exist(astrophotography).
    Keep in mind that I used the photoshop tools..Moreover I used the BT80M-A/Vixen,with a couple of EP 20mm SWAN(William Optics)for more details.It’s realy that here, I have very good conditions and a nice Black-Sky.!!!!

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