5 thoughts on “Cosmetics and Craters”

  1. Amanda,

    Seriously, I believe you have done a masterpiece utilizing only what a woman can grab at hand. I’m so taken by your prudent and radical approach to your sketch. Perhaps the naming of craters will one day read something like this; Lorealtanus,Maybellintanari and Revlonhelm. Of course I’m only joking! 😀
    Keep up this great work of art and amaze us with your talent.


  2. Amanda,

    That is a great lunar crater sketch.
    I like the way you included the sunlight on the central peaks.
    The mascara does the trick on the dark crater floors.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Oooooh, thank you very much! I never believe that this sketch become so successful. I get a lot of praise from Hungarian amateur astronomers too. 🙂

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