A Piece of Sagittarius

Sketch information:
Object name: A piece of Sagittarius
Scope: Skywatcher dobs 1200/200 + SWA 32mm
Place: Poland, Silesia, Skrzyszow
Seeing: 8/10 Transparency: 4/5
Date and time: 10.07.2010r, 23:50PM (21:00)
Technique: Pencil, GIMP
Author: Marek Płonka (Poland, Silesia)

Note: I’ve always used only pencil.
I use GIMP only to improvement brightness, contrast, resize and crop
images.Under clear, summer skies I was able to sketch this nice view.
I drew this picture moving from star to star, taking the view and sketching.
In my location there are still not dark nights, but I hope, you enjoy my view.

Marek Płonka

3 thoughts on “A Piece of Sagittarius”

  1. Marek,

    Two fine bright globulars near the top of the “teapot”. Fine sketch of the region.

    Frank 🙂

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