Long haired star

Comet Linear C/2006 VZ13

I love comets and observe them whenever I can. Most are just faint
celestial smudges but you never know when things can change! When I
observe them I always make a sketch to capture that moment forever, after
all most never return in our life time so it is so nice to look back on your
records. This week I caught up with current Comet Linear C/2006 VZ13 in
Bootes andmade the attached sketch.
Made simply on white cartridge paper with a graphite pencil & blending
stump at the eyepiece. Scanned and turned into a white on black negative.
Warm regards, Dale Holt

2 thoughts on “Long haired star”

  1. Great sketch Dale!

    I’m glad you were able to capture VZ13 in your sketch pad. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to view this comet due to the Southwest Florida summer thunderstorm pattern. Thank you for sharing this awesome observation!


  2. Dale,

    Wonderful drawing and record of the bright comet currently in our skies. I got a good look at it a few days back. You did well to see the nuclear region which I could not detect as brighter under my sky conditions. Very nice.


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