Wild Waterfowl

That night the sky was full the stars, although we do not have an
astronomical night.
M11 The Wild Duck is a typical summer open cluster.
I used two glasses: Swan 25mm for a detail (112x power) and Hyperion
aspheric 31mm (power x 90.3) who gave me the field of view
M11 containing about 2900 stars, but we usually see the brighter
forming a triangle like flock of flying ducks.


author: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)
Object Name: The Wild Duck
Object Type (open cluster )
Location (Oborniki, Poland)

Date (04-06-2010)
Equipment: 11″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope + Heq5,
Eyepiece: WO Swan 25mm, Hyperion aspheric 31mm

4 thoughts on “Wild Waterfowl”

  1. Robert,

    A very pleasing sketch of a fine open cluster. I like this one with any size telescope.


  2. Ignisdei,

    I think you are right without closing stars into circle in sketch.
    Stars should be free…


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