Sunny Hawaii

 Sunny Hawaii

A unique sunspot grouping, AR963, emerged this week and has been dubbed by some “the
Hawaiian Islands”. The large ‘island’ is about the size of Neptune and all the little ones are each about the size of Earth. Atmospheric conditions prevented anything but brief glimpses at the Sun through heavy clouds and gusty winds.

This grouping is definitely one to keep an eye on!

The Sun with AR963
100mm acromat refractor at 48x (25mm Plossl + 2x Barlow).
Graphite pencil on white paper, blending stumps.

Andrew English

4 thoughts on “Sunny Hawaii”

  1. Hi Andrew!
    A very interesting group of sunspots – and if you imagine, how enormously huge they are!
    Very well depicted!


  2. Andy,

    This is a beautiful sketch of an amazing chain of sunspots. Thanks for sharing this one with everybody.


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