Globular Queen of the northern sky

Messier 13
By Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)

I didn’t think that I ever dare to sketch this beautiful queen of the northern sky.
Yesterday at 23.00 the Moon already hung on the horizon, fortunately Hercules was near the zenith.
By observing this globular cluster, at first You will see lots of stars at the center of M13, but by carefully and patiently watching, after some time we even notice them twice, especially on the sides!

I love to look at this wonderful globular cluster in the high magnification, so I used a 17mm wide-angle eyepiece for the telescope’s focal length of 2800mm.

I encourage you to observe this wonderful object in a large power ๐Ÿ™‚


author: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)
Object Name: M13 – โ€Globular Queen of the northern sky. โ€œ
Object Type (globular cluster )
Location (Oborniki, Poland)

Date (29-05-2010)
Equipment: 11โ€ณ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope + Heq5,
Eyepiece: Sky-Watcher SWA 17mm
Power: 165x!

4 thoughts on “Globular Queen of the northern sky”

  1. Robert,

    Your sketch of M 13 looks just great. Like you I like the high power look.

    Frank ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Robert,

    Wonderful detail and view of M 13 at high power. Love the small doubles that are clearly evident and the globular itself pulls me in.

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