Silent Hunter

NGC 457 

NGC 457 is a beautiful Open Cluster in the Constellation Cassiopeia with
a pretty interesting shape: the two brightest stars, which glow in a
warm golden-yellow, form the two eyes of an owl, the rest of the stars
comprise the beak, the wings, the body and the claws, hence the name
“The Owl Cluster”. It is not difficult to draw and easily accessible with all
kinds of telescopes and thus well worth a visit.

Date: December 23, 2006
Location: Erbendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Instrument: Vixen Newtonian 4.5″ f/8 on Vixen GP
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Seeing: II-III of VI
Transparency: III of VI
NELM: 5m0
Magnification: 100x
Technique: pencil on white paper, digitally enhanced in Photoshop


3 thoughts on “Silent Hunter”

  1. Sebastian,

    Brilliant open cluster sketch of one of my favorites. Great work on this one.


  2. Thanks a lot, Frank!
    It was a quick sketch from the balcony, before gathering things up and going out for real, later on the evening!


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