Site Upgrade

Welcome to our new look! We hope you like it.

We have just finished an upgrade that will hopefully provide better protection from attack by hackers and spammers. This also seemed like the perfect opportunity to update the look of the site. It is an honor to be able to feature sketches from observers around the world. We want to present those sketches in the best possible way. We hope that the new design will draw better attention to the images by subduing the surrounding tone and color, and reducing the visual prominence of some of the supporting text so that the sketch is accentuated.

Be sure to use the search feature and take a look at the categories or monthly archives. These pages have been formatted to display the results as a thumbnail gallery. We hope this will make it even more enticing to explore the wealth of sketches we’ve had the pleasure of hosting.

Navigation will also be a bit more accessible along the right sidebar. In the coming days and weeks we plan to introduce some gradual adjustments to formatting and navigation so that the site is as useful as we can make it.

Please let us know any comments or problems you encounter with the new site design. Keep those submissions coming!

Jeremy Perez

5 thoughts on “Site Upgrade”

  1. Jeremy and Rich,

    This is a very impressive facelift. Hats off to you for my favorite place on the entire web.
    What pleases me the most is that you may now attract even more sketchers. There is nothing more enjoyable than viewing the sketches here from all over the globe.

    Great stuff !~~~~~

    Frank 🙂

  2. I think the new look is highly professional.

    Really thank you very much for doing such a great job for us!


  3. Jeremy, very clever, the dark and subdued background does cause you to focus in on the sketches. Thanks for making this and even better site.

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