Eskimo or Clown

NGC 2392

NGC 2392
Sketch and Details by Stefano Delmonte

NGC 2392 planetary nebula in Gemini
Location:  Priorato , one of the most prestigious wine zone of Spain!

Graphite pencil one white paper, then with photoshop: inverted and rounded stars.

I use sketching in order to show and record in one image all the information the retina can catch in a large observing session.

The night that the association I’m part of organized the Messier marathon, I decided to be a bad boy and move to NGC.
The reason were a good seeing, a brief look at Mars confirm an Antoniadi III , the best part of sky is always zenith and there were NGC2392  waiting to be explored at good conditions.
At first either the central star and the double shell were easily seen, but only after more than 30 minutes observing, the “face” orientation did appear.
I didn’t care too much about what resemble because at the end of all an exploded star is really a fantastic sight anyway!

Ciao, Stefano.

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  1. That’s very nice one!

    By the way, I didn’t see you sketching that night!


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