Faces of Mars

Mars Compilation 2010
Mars Compilation – January 10 – March 9, 2010

These sketches were created by 27 members of the www.CloudyNights.com Sketching Forum. They are based on observations of Mars on and around its opposition, from January 10th, 2010 to March 9th, 2010. Multiple mediums were used from pencil and paper to digital. The community of forum members whose sketches are shown are from the following countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, South East Asia, United Kingdom, and USA. The instruments they used and the date of their observation is as follows:

Jay Eads 250mm Newtonian 01/10/2010
Sol Robbins 152mm Newtonian 01/11/2010
MikeSemmler 80mm Refractor 01/23/2010
Kris 203mm Newtonian 01/26/2010
Cpl43uk 203mm Catiotropic 01/23/2010
Astroducky 318mm Newtonian 01/27/2010
Sixela 400mm Newtonian 01/27/2010
CarlosEH 229mm Catiotropic 01/29/2010
Dweller25 203mm Newtonian 01/29/2010
Jeff Young 152mm Catiotropic 01/29/2010
BillP 102mm Refractor 01/31/2010
Uwe Pilz 152mm Catiotropic 01/31/2010
Rerun 102mm Refractor 02/04/2010
Special Ed 200mm Catiotropic 02/05/2010
Jef De Wit 305mm Newtonian 02/04/2010
MarkSeibold 127mm Catiotropic 02/05/2010
Phxbird 152mm Newtonian 02/07/2010
Erika Rix 406mm Newtonian 02/07/2010
Mathteacher 100mm Refractor 02/07/2010
NUNKY 120mm Refractor 02/08/2010
Frank5817 333mm Newtonian 02/13/2010
Tommy5 152mm Refractor 02/14/2010
NerfMonkey 305mm Newtonian 02/15/2010
JayScheuerle 120mm Refractor 01/20/2010
Robert Forgacs 305mm Newtonian 02/02/2010
Roel 102mm Refractor 03/01/2010
S1mas 127mm Catiotropic 03/09/2010

Compiled and submitted by William Paolini

4 thoughts on “Faces of Mars”

  1. Very good way to say: this is what you can expect to see observing planet Mars!

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding to this most outstanding post, the Easter holiday got in the way!
    I think this is the most delightful posting I have seen on ASOD. Each of those sketches is beautiful, different & personal, each has been crafted with devotion by a passionate astronomer, from across our globe. Each of the drawings carries equal merit in my book.

    This collaboration and resulting composite are truly inspirational, I salute you all 🙂

    Dale Holt UK

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