Lunar South Pole

Lunar South Pole
Lunar South Pole
Sketch and Details by Fred Corno

Please find attached an observation of the lunar South pole, the Eastern face: the observing session was carried out from northern Italy, with a 5” apo refractor, at 100x. Unfortunately, poor seeing and haze did not allow the use of a higher magnification. The observation was carried out at 21.15 UT on the 28th of May 2009.
I believe craters depicted are Boussingault (the southernmost, with the striped bottom) and Boguslawsky (the westernmost, with the shadowed bottom and the wall interrupted by a smaller crater. Just north of Boussingault is the complex of Boussingault E, B and C. If anybody can help with a better identification, it will be very welcome.

The sketch was made with hard and soft graphite pencils on white paper.

Best rtegards.

Fred Corno

3 thoughts on “Lunar South Pole”

  1. Fred,

    Excellent sketching of the south polar region.
    Your crater identification looks correct to me.
    Very well done.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Frenc, Marek,

    thank for your nice comments, and thanks to Frank for his support in identification.


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