Treasure of Orion

Treasure of Orion

M42, the Great Nebula of Orion and NGC 1980, star cluster
Sketch and details by Aleksander Cieśla (Wimmer)

Hello! This is my latest sketch of two deep sky objects in the constellation of Orion.

Objects: Messier 42 – The Great Orion Nebula (top) & NGC 1980
Cluster (bottom)
Date: February 22, 2010
Place: Poland, Wrocław
Equipment: Schmidt-Cassegrain 5″ with Antares W70 25mm
Seeing: 2/5
Transparency: 2/5
Weather: Good. Light wind. Moon about 59%
Technique: Graphite pencil. Inverted
Observer: Aleksander Cieśla (Wimmer)

2 thoughts on “Treasure of Orion”

  1. Aleksander,

    An impressive low power view of the Orion nebula and surroundings. Very nice sketching.

    Frank 🙂

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