Ramshackle in Reticulum

NGC 1313
NGC 1313
Sketch and Details by Scott Mellish

NGC 1313
Star Burst Galaxy
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 Dobsonian
Field: 17′
Magnification: 354x
Sky Quality Meter reading 21:67

Black Canford paper
White pen
White pastel
Soft white pencil
White oil pencil
Blending stump

I was not all that impressed with the quality of the observing conditions while I was sketching this impressive galaxy.
Waves of unsteady air were crossing the eyepiece field at intervals.

Still when there is a clear sky to be had then beggars cannot be choosers.

NGC 1313 is big and bright enough to hold its own in such conditions.
A noted Star Burst galaxy as is quite evident from its ramshackle appearance.

In a large dob this galaxy is a very rewarding sight.

Scott Mellish

4 thoughts on “Ramshackle in Reticulum”

  1. Very nice Scott but a bit of a tease for those who live at 52 deg North ;¬)

    Seriously thanks for sharing, Dale UK

  2. Scott,

    I just love those barred spirals even the ones that are too low from my location. Excellent sketch.

    Frank 🙂

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