The Deer Lick Group

Sketch of the Deer Lick Group

The Deer Lick Group
Sketch and Details by Miłosz Guzowski

today I want to present my sketch of Deer Lick – galaxy grup from Pegasus.
Object name: NGC 7331 (Deer Lick group)
Object type: Galaxy cluster
Location: Białuty (Poland)
Date: 18/19.08.2009
Scope: 10″ newtonian + ploosl 10mm (mag. 120x)

Medium : Graphite/blending stump on white paper + GIMP processing

4 thoughts on “The Deer Lick Group”

  1. Milosz,

    Beautiful sketch of this famous group. I have never seen it as well as you have captured it here in a 10″ scope. Excellent!

    Frank 🙂

  2. Very nice Milosz and very exciting with a 10″ scope just shows you what awaits our gaze under dark skies.

    Great post, Dale UK 🙂

  3. Milosz.

    That is a very nice sketch.

    This group is known fairly well in the southern hemisphere, albeit a bit low in the north.

    Interestingly though, it is almost never refered to as the “Deer Lick Group”.


  4. How do I contact you for permission to use your drawing in an article?



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