Interacting Galaxies

NGC 7582
NGC 7582, NGC 7590 and NGC 7599
Sketch and Details by Serge Vieillard

During his stay at LaPalma in October of 2009 Serge began one of his nights examining galaxies in the constellation of Grus, the southern crane using the 16″ telescope (T400-c). This constellation is packed with galaxies including this group of three in one field of view: NGC 7582, NGC 7590 and NGC 7599. A fourth member of this group of spiral galaxies (NGC 7552) is outside the eyepiece field of view and therefore is not included in this sketch. All four of these interacting galaxies are known as the Grus Quartet.

Object: NGC 7582, NGC 7590 and NGC7599 – Artist: Serge Vieillard – Sketch Date: October 2009 – Sketch Location: La Palma in the Canary Islands

Translation by Frank McCabe

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  1. Serge.

    Your sketch really does justice to these fine galaxies.

    I have paid them a visit many times.


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