With family in tow

Saturn and moons 

Saturn & family

When I pointed my scope at Saturn at the evening of the first May 2007 I was kindly
surprised to see 5 of the Saturnian moons all on one side of the planet!
From left to right and with their magnitude: Titan(M8.4), Iapetus (M10.6), Rhea
(M9.8), Dione (M10.5) & Thetys (M10.3).

For sketches of planets I mostly use Orthoscopic’s, for this one I used the 4mm wich
gave me 250x power.

The sketch was done on standard A4 printerpaper with a template of Saturn printed on
it. I then scanned it and added a grey background and the 5 moons in Microsoft

Sketched on the 1st May 2007 from my home in Bornem, Belgium. I used my 8” f/5 dob
at 250x through a 4mm University Optics Ortho eyepiece.

Kris Smet

2 thoughts on “With family in tow”

  1. Kris,

    Excellent sketch of Saturn and its brightest moons. A sketch is the only way to capture this kind of view.

  2. Wonderful!
    This is a really great drawing of Saturn and its moons. It really conveys that special feeling I cannot really put my finger on!
    I like it!

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