Broken Cigar

Broken Cigar

M81, NGC 3034, the “Cigar Galaxy”
Sketch and details by Miłosz Guzowski


today I send you sketch of M82 – “broken cigar galaxy”.

Object name: M82

Object type: Galaxy

Location: Białuty (Poland)

Date: 21/22.08.2009

Scope: 10″ newtonian + ploosl 10mm (mag. 120x)

Medium : Graphite/blending stump on white paper + GIMP processing

3 thoughts on “Broken Cigar”

  1. Milosz,

    Too good to be true, but it is true.
    10″, dark sky and ordinary 10mm plossl. What else?
    Pencil, paper and talent. What do we get at the end? We can see fantastic sketch. Bravo!


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