Christensen in Digital

Christensen in Digital

Comet C2006/W3 (Christensen)
Sketch and Details by Tamás Székffy


This is my first submisson to Astronomy Sketch of the Day site.

I’m in astronomy for almost 9 years, and mostly make digital

* *Object Name* C2006/W3 (Christensen)
* *Object Type* Comet
* *Location* Ágasvár, Mátra, Hungary (47N55’23,5″; 19E49’28,1″)
* *Date* 20 July 2009. 22:12 UT
* *Transparency:* 6/10, *Seeing:* 7/10, *t**emp.:* 19°C, light wind
* *Medium:* sketch by graphic pencil on sheet paper, later scanned
and used as a reference for digital redrawing with Corel
Painter 11
* *Equipment:* Celestron NexStar 8″ SCT with 30 mm Plössl EP (68×)

I used SkyMap Pro for a more precise background starfield,
original sketch used to have only the 20 most important “reference”
stars for both limiting magnitude, field of view and exact location
of the nucleus.
Note the unusual gradient at the north-eastern part.

Drawn by Corel Painter 11 and a Wacom tablet, final version scaled
in PhotoShop, field of view circle made by Corel Draw! 12.

I hope you enjoyed.

With best regards,

Székffy Tamás ~ allfinance pénzügyi tanácsadó

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