The “Seeing Beater” versus the Jovial Giant


For observers in the northern hemisphere this opposition of Jupiter is not
a good one. This complex and fascinating gaseous world won’t manage
to rise above above the troubled horizon so views are going to be compromised during most if not all observations we attempt.

Having said this, Jupiter offers much to the observer seeking detail, OK it’s not
as sharp or as plentiful as we are used to during higher oppositions but it is
still worth recording with our sketch pads.
Increasingly I have been using my long focal length F15 Antares 105mm Achromatic
refractor for sketching observations, leaving the larger Newtonian for those rarer
steady nights. The long refractor is proving to be a bit of a “Seeing Beater”.
On the evening of June 1st/2nd 2007 I made such and observation and sketch and
hope you will agree it was worth the effort with some nice detail in the belts
evident and a couple of fine ovals too.
Start 00.00  end 00.15…. 2/6/07
Antares 105mm F15 refractor working at 163x with a Denk binoviewer, enhanced star
diagonal. Sketch made onto white paper with pre-drawn circles and black surround
using Derwent watercolour and pastel pencils. Image scanned but not enhanced.
Dale Holt

2 thoughts on “The “Seeing Beater” versus the Jovial Giant”

  1. Congratulations on a fine Jupiter observation and sketch Dale – you are lucky indeed to be able to see the giant of the planets this apparition! Your sketch shows us that there is still much detail to be seen, even when Jupiter is so woefully low on our horizons from these mid northern latitudes.


  2. Hi Dale!
    You can believe me, I know what you are talking about – this troubled view of Jupiter these days. It’s all about waiting for a “gap” in the bad seeing and take in the details!
    You succeeded very well in your sketch!


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