Necklace of Nebulae

Necklace of Nebulae

The Pavo Group of Galaxies
Sketch and Details by Scott Mellish

From left to right: IC 4970/NGC 6872/ PGC 64439/ NGC 6876/ NGC 6877/
NGC 6880/ IC 4981
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 Dobsonian
Field: 27′
Magnification: 218x
Sky quality meter reading: 21:64

This has always been a nice collection of galaxies to visit in Pavo.
Sometimes with a sketch it can be a bit confusing sorting out which
galaxies are which.
Hopefully I have got all their designations correct.

Scott Mellish

2 thoughts on “Necklace of Nebulae”

  1. Now Scott that is what I call observing! 25″ under dark Aussie skies revealing an amazing cluster of galaxies.

    Thanks for sharing Dale 🙂

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