Caught In the Triangle

Caught In the Triangle

M33 (NGC 598), The Triangulum Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)


My first approach to the galaxy in the Triangle.
Yesterday evening there was a light frost at my garden, and the clear sky,

So I’ve eagerly started to sketch an object, to whom I’ve never started
before -M33
Unfortunately, I only endowed 152mm achromatic refractor with Petzval
corrector, which in my opinion showed the galaxy better than 8″ mirror!
I used to SWAN 25mm (wide frame) and 13mm SWA, UW (to detail.)
The Triangulum now (at 23.00 o’clock) hangs on an effective height….
The sketch took me about 45 minutes.
These 10-11 mag stars, and the holes between the spiral arms……Excuse
me again, alchemy of looking ..

Yours Robert!

Object Name: The Triangulum Galaxy M33
Object Type (Galaxy)
Location (Oborniki, Poland)

Date (13-10-2009)
Equipment; 6” Petzval, achromatic refractor + Heq5, WO SWAN 25mm, SWA UW

Author: Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)

3 thoughts on “Caught In the Triangle”

  1. Robert,

    That is an impressive sketch with your refractor. M-33 is bright enough, but as you know you need to keep the magnification low enough to fit it in the field of view as your sketch nicely illustrates.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Thank you Frank!
    For that reason I usualy use two magnifications (of two eyepieces)….. and the sketch is the sum of them.
    I hate closed circles imitating apparent field of eyepiece

    I like to push the buttons of my mont-remote-control to move it forward and keep sketching the space 🙂

  3. Beautyfull sketch of great M33.I see,two days ago,a similar image in my new Dobson 10″.I hope dor made one sketch of M33 nextky.
    Clear sky,Giorgio.

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