Hat Dance

Hat Dance

NGC 4594 (M104) The Sombrero Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Scott Mellish

NGC 4594 (M-104)
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 dobsonian
Field: 15′
Magnification: 314x
Constellation: Virgo
Sky Quality meter reading: 21:36

I had not long got my home made 56cm dob up and running with a Servo-Cat
drive installed, and was still ironing out a few problems.
However it was tracking sufficiently enough that I popped in to visit
the Sombrero, hence the result was this sketch.

Scott Mellish

One thought on “Hat Dance”

  1. Scott,

    Excellent sketch of the big hat galaxy. Very nice capture of that dust lane.

    Frank 🙂

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