Man Made Noctilucent Cloud

Man Made Noctilucent Cloud

Black Brant XII/CARE test
Sketch and Details by Janis Romer

Black Brant XII/CARE test

A group of us were out observing at New Ringgold, PA on Saturday evening Sept 19th when we were surprised by the sudden appearance of the test cloud. I got out my sketching materials as fast as I could and made made this drawing of what we saw. I used conte pastel pencil on black paper to record its naked eye appearance. From our perspective, Jupiter was to the lower right of the cloud. The whole show was over in minutes.

6 thoughts on “Man Made Noctilucent Cloud”

  1. Janis,
    It is very unique and nice sketch.
    I read about this experiment. I wonder, if someone drew sketch.


  2. Janis,
    Congratulations on capturing this event–nicely done.

    Michael Rosolina
    Friars Hill, WV USA

  3. You know what? I’m an idiot – from our perspective, Jupiter was to the lower *left* of the cloud. From the cloud’s persepective, I guess Jupiter was “up”. 😉

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