Road Leading to the Cottage Cepheus

Road Leading to the Cottage Cepheus

Galaxy NGC 6946 and Open Cluster NGC 6939
Sketch and Details by Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)

There are charming couple of lovers, at the road leading to the cottage Cepheus .
Cluster and galaxy … NGC 6946 +6939

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Object Name : NGC 6946 +6939

Object Type: Open cluster and Galaxy
Location: Poland/ eastern Poland ,
Date: 20.08.2009 y, and 30.08.2009 y,
Equipment: Meade Light Bridge 12”, and SWAN 25mm. and UWA SW 13mm

Artist: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)

2 thoughts on “Road Leading to the Cottage Cepheus”

  1. Robert,

    This is a superb sketch of the open cluster and face on galaxy pair. Just the way the eyepiece shows them from a good sky.

    Frank 🙂

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