Prismatic Bay

Prismatic Bay

Sinus Iridum, The Bay of Rainbows
Sketch and Details by Tamás Ábrahám

Sinus Iridum

During the observation and sketching the inner part of the bay was shaded, but the Montes Jura with Crater Bianchini was illuminated by the Sun.
The Crater Maupertuis was visible well. Seeing was not so good this night.

Date: August 30, 2009
Equipment: 8 inch f/5 Newtonian reflector with 4 mm SW Planetary eyepiece
Location: Zsámbék, Hungary
Technique: black paper, white and black pencils

Tamás Ábrahám

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  1. Thanks, but I think I have to make better my technique:-) The sunrise in the bay was very spectacular in any case.


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