Riding the Back of the Scorpion

Riding the Back of the Scorpion

M4 (NGC 6121) A large Globular cluster in Scorpius
Sketch and Details by Jeff Young

This is another sketch from our summer trip to Colorado. This one was quite late in the evening, and the temperature had dropped to only a few degrees above freezing (this in the middle of July, mind you). My hands had gotten cold enough that I was wearing fingerless gloves, which made twirling the pencil for the pinpoint stars a bit more difficult.

M4, globular cluster in Scorpius.

Sketched from high altitude (11,000’) on Hoosier Pass in Colorado.

HB and 3H pencil on white cardstock; scanned and inverted in Photoshop.

10” Dall-Kirkham (Mewlon) on AP600EGTO mount; UO 32Mk-80; 100X.


— Jeff.

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  1. Jeff,

    Very cool sketch in the summer cold of a very fine globular cluster.

    Frank 🙂

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