Eye for the Iris

Eye for the Iris

NGC 7023, The Iris Nebula
Sketch and Details by Milosz Guzowsk


Today I’d like to present beautiful nebula from Cepheus.

– Object Name (NGC 7023)

– Object Type (Reflection nebula)

– Location (Poland/Białuty)

– Date (16.08.2009)

– Scope (10″ newtonian + ploosl 10 mm)

– Medium (Graphite/blending stump on white paper + GIMP processing)

Milosz Guzowski

5 thoughts on “Eye for the Iris”

  1. Miłosz,
    Your sketch looks great. Keep going, please!
    Have You really seen this blue color?! 😮

    🙂 marek

  2. Thanks a lot! 🙂
    this blue color is afterglow (from bright star in center) 🙂

    Miłosz 🙂

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