Eye of the Giraffe

Eye of the Giraffe

NGC 1501, a planetary nebula in Camelopardalis
Sketch and Details by Przemysław Horoszkiewicz

Sketch information:

Obiect name: NGC 1501
Scope: Sky Watcher 10″.
Eyepieces: LVW 8 (150x) + UHC-Lumicon
Place: Poland, Zielona Góra (A few kilometers from city).
Seeing: 9/10 !!
Date: 25.12.2008r
Technique:Pencil,graphics GIMP2.
Amateur astronomer: Przemysław Horoszkiewicz (Poland).

3 thoughts on “Eye of the Giraffe”

  1. Przemyslaw,

    Looks beautiful on my monitor. Excellent planetary nebula sketch.

    Frank 🙂

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