Jupiter and Wesley Impact Scar

Jupiter and Wesley Impact Scar

Jupiter and Wesley Impact Scar
Sketch and Details by Michael Rosolina

I am happy to add to the record of this historic event. I was fortunate to finally get the opportunity after several false starts. The drawing was done at the eyepiece with HB and 2B pencils and a blending stump on photocopy paper. Other notes are with the sketch.

Jupiter and Wesley Impact Scar
Friars Hill, WV USA
28 July 2009

Michael Rosolina

4 thoughts on “Jupiter and Wesley Impact Scar”

  1. Dale and Marek,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think that the webmasters prefer not to post their own work on ASOD most of the time, but I hope they will make an exception in this case and include more of their own excellent work to the record of this interesting phenomenon.

    Michael Rosolina

  2. Michael
    This is a super sketch of the impact event. I have not yet seen the impact scar despite looking at Jupiter low in the southeast through a 16″ scope in the East valley of Phoenix under fair skies. The impact side was facing away from earth. It really is wonderful to see sketches of this event and yours is particularly fine.
    Frank 🙂

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