Welcome Io

Jupiter and his moons

Jupiter and his moons
Sketch and Details by Janusz Krysiak

Object Name:Jupiter and his moons
Object Type:Planets
Date:21.06.2009(1.50 a.m.)

medium: pencil, white paper
equipment: Newton 300/1500
magnification: 214x

While I had been observing the sky between 1.30am and 2.00am on
21.06.2009. I saw something that amazed me. When I had been looking at
Jupiter I wasn’t able to find Io…, than I understood – it was hidden
behind Jupiter! I had been waiting untill Io showed itself. It was a
magnificent view!!! I just loved it!!! Here is a sketh that tries to
show You what I saw. I hope You like it.

Janusz Krysiak

2 thoughts on “Welcome Io”

  1. Janusz,

    Nice capture and sketch of Jupiter with Io sliding into view.

    Frank 🙂

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