The Lunar/Antares Occultation

Lunar/Antares occultation

The Lunar Occultation of Antares
Sketch and Details by Michael Rosolina


I was fortunate to be able to view the occultation of the red supergiant Antares by the nearly full Moon as it rose on the evening of June 6th. The Moon was still sixteen hours from full which caused the lunar limb to have an odd, irregular appearance in places. Antares, “the Heart of the Scorpion” disappeared in an eyeblink behind the invisible dark edge of Luna before it ever reached the sunlit mountains and mares.

Antares means “the rival of Mars” in Greek, but it was easily overwhelmed by Selene that night.

This field sketch was done with white and gray Conte’ crayon, black charcoal pencil, and orange color pencil on black paper.

The Moon and Antares
0226 UT 7 June 2009

Michael Rosolina
Friars Hill, WV USA

4 thoughts on “The Lunar/Antares Occultation”

  1. Michael,

    That’s a very nice sketch, I’ll look for more from you in the future.



  2. Michael,

    Wonderful sketch of the main event. Your graphite sketching experience provided the background you needed for this change of media. You’re like an old pro with the white on black.

    Frank 🙂

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