Catching a Passing Space Station


The International Space Station
Sketch and Details by Janusz Krysiak

Object Name:ISS
Object Type:Satellites
Date:15.05.2009,20.54(8.54 p.m.)

medium: pencil, white paper
equipment: Newton 300/1500
magnification: 68x

This is International Space Station. I made this sketch on 15.05.2009. I
have seen solar panels, it was a wonderful view!

2 thoughts on “Catching a Passing Space Station”

  1. That is the first sketch I’ve seen of the ISS! BRAVO! I’m totally impressed! I’ve been reading Dr. Tyson’s “The Pluto Files” and was intrigued by the “comparometer” concept. Often, when viewing, I find it helpful to take a quick glimpse of the object and close your eyes, allowing your visual cortex to absorb the data it’s receiving. Your sketch is a perfect example of this process! Sometimes, you can even use the closed-eye, relief-value image that gets burned into your retina, if you use your eyelids as a camera-shutter…
    Clear skies, pleasant company!

  2. Janusz,

    Well made and impressive sketch. It is always a pleasure to get a telescope on the ISS. You really can see much detail but it is difficult to stay with it as it rapidly crosses the sky.

    Frank 🙂

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