Broken Cigar


M82 (NGC 3034), The Cigar Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth

Hey guys!

I send you “M.82, a broken cigar”.
The dark band was easy to see in my telescope and after a time
I could observe dark and lighter structures in this galaxy.
This galaxy is really a good target for amateurastronomers!

The separation between M.81 and M.82 is also a good match!!
The seeng and the transparency was very fine when the
drawing was made, and clean sky!

I use water coloured crayons on black paper only!

The observation of M.82 was from outside Trondheim, Norway.
See more info on my drawing!!

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth

3 thoughts on “Broken Cigar”

  1. Per-Jonny,

    Your sketch of the galaxy M-82 is very nice and skillfully rendered. As you mentioned this is a great telescope target for seeing detail in a galaxy.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Per-Jonny,

    That a greate sketch of galaxy M-82, I’m looking forward for your next.



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