Spiraling into the Whirlpool


M51 (NGC 5194 and 5195), The Whirlpool Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Janusz Krysiak

Object Name:M 51
Object Type:Galaxy

medium: pencil, white paper
equipment: Newton 300/1500
magnification: 68x

Under a dark sky you may see the spiral galaxy structure. I made this
sketch on 18.04.2009 in Pyrnik, Poland.

Janusz Krysiak

5 thoughts on “Spiraling into the Whirlpool”

  1. Janusz,
    Nice Sketch!
    I see some stars on this sketch. I think, it is too dark sketch for Your monitor.

  2. @Wimmer,
    Yes, that’s right. There are more stars. I check it on other monitor. Thanks!


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