Unwinding the Spindle

NGC 3115

NGC 3115, The Spindle Galaxy in the constellation Sextans

Sketch and Details by Marek Plonka

Sketch information:

My sketch shows NGC 3115 in Sextans (Sex). NGC 3115 is also known as the
“Spindle Galaxy”. It appears to have mostly old stars and little or no activity.
The growth of its black hole has also stopped. The stellar formation has
stopped because the interstellar matter was used up.

The object is easily found.

Object name: NGC 3115
Scope: Skywather dobs 1200/200 + 8mm TV PL + 24mm TV Panoptic
Place: Poland, Silesia, Skrzyszów
Seeing: 8/10 Transparency: 4/5

Marek Płonka

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