Two Craters in the Extreme Northern Zone

Philolaus and Anaximenes

Lunar craters Philolaus and Anaximenes
Sketch and Details by Giorgio Bonacorsi

Hello Astronomy Sketchers,all o.k.?

After bad weather i decide to observe and drawing the Moon.The vision is partially clear,humidity and clouds cover the sky and made a sketch was very difficult.But yesterday,the sky was clear and i take my little Vixen vmc 110 klevstov .I observe the north zone and decide to drawing two beautyfull craters:Philolaus and Anaximenes.The execution, at the end, was complicated by the passage of light clouds and humidity.I hope like you .

Clear sky and good sketch for all.
Ciao,Giorgio Bonacorsi.

Site:Pergola,Marche Region,Center Italy.
Date:5-6 of May 2009
Moon phase:Crescent (12,1 days)
Instrument:Klevstov Vixen vmc 110
Eyepiece: 15mm + Barlow (138x)
Seeing:Good, clouds and humidity at the end.
Temperature:Fresh,no wind.

2 thoughts on “Two Craters in the Extreme Northern Zone”

  1. Giorgio,

    Great sketch of Philolaus and Anaximenes. You have captured the twin peaks on the floor of Philolaus and the shadows on the floor of Anaximenes are wonderful.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Thank you for yuor kind words Frank,you are the best Moon sketcher!I have other new sketches of Moon.I sent nextly at ASOD.

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