The winter King


Sketch of M42 drawn with graphite pencil on white paper, hand made directly
looking throught the 12 x 80 binoculars sitting in a quiet place in the
centre of Guadalajara country.

The night was very clear and transparent, without clouds and no pollution. I
was drawing it looking with both eyes, it was wonderful because the nebula
was very bright, three nebula regions were visible surounding star clusters
(north and south of M42)

I scanned the sketch and changed to negative only. This is my first M42, I
remember the night was very cold and the pain in my fingers while drawing
it. The image through the binoculars was esplendid, impresionant, very
bright, impossible to draw all the stars in the field.

I hope you enjoy it.

Leonor Ana

3 thoughts on “The winter King”

  1. With people aiming for closer and closer views of M 42 and its center at high magnifications, many often forget the beauty of an wide-angle view of this great object and its surroundings.
    So this is another wonderful treat (similar to Rony’s recent richfield sketches in the forum).


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