Holmes, a Historic Comet

Comet Holmes

Comet 17P/ Holmes
Sketch and Details by Per-Jonny Bremseth


Sending you “Holmes, a historic comet”.

This drawing was made 26. oct. 2007, 20.55 U.T.
Telescope : 15 inch Dob. f 4.5. , 140x magn.
Location : Trondheim astronomical observatory outside
the town.
Country : Norway.
The sketch was made with water colour crayons on black
paper (not inverted).

The comet was a most interesting object to observe, and I
made many sketches of this exploded comet.
More info on my drawing!

Best wishes from Norway and Per-Jonny Bremseth!!

One thought on “Holmes, a Historic Comet”

  1. Per-Jonny,

    Very nice, colorful sketch of a comet viewers will long remember.

    Frank 🙂

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