Sword of the hunter

Sword of Orion 

One of the most majestic places to visit with a small scope or binocular might be
the sword of Orion. With every new magnification this fascinating complex of
clusters and nebulae shows more hidden treasures. So here is a 4° Fov impression of Orions Sword.

Place : Bekkevoort,
Date : Feb 21, 2007
Time : 21.00UT
Seeing : 3 (of 5)
Transp. : 2 (of 5)

Scope : ETX 70 with 26mm SP, no filter.
Power : 14x
Fov : 3,9°

North is up (bino orientation)

The sketch is digitally ‘drawn’ with Photopaint, based on a raw EP-sketch. I hope
you like it.
Rony De Laet

http://www.geocities.com/rodelaet, my personal website.

4 thoughts on “Sword of the hunter”

  1. Rony,
    Oh yes I remember your mighty little ETX 70,
    this is a wonderful sketch.

  2. Rony,
    it is beautiful and delicate, detailed drawing so real and similar to what we observe.
    Its a wonderful sketch!

  3. Another richfield gem – great drawing, exactly what it looks like through a small telescope or some binoculars!


  4. …exactly what it looks through a small telescope or some binoculars…!!!!!!!!!!
    I am agreed with Sebastian…

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