An Excellent Piece: Kies Pi Dome

Kies Pi Dome

Kies Pi Lunar Dome
Sketch and Details by Balázs Benei

Object name: Kies craters, dome Kies
Object type: Lunar crater, Lunar dome
Location: Gyöngyös, Hungary
Date: 2009. 03. 06. 18:20 – 18:40 UT


this is one of my first sketches from a Lunar object. I liked to observe the domes of the Moon and I decided to make sketches. The Dome Kies Pi was hard to observ, seeing was not very good (s=5). I made the sketch with graphite pencil. It was very exciting to make this sketch, I hope, my technique will grow up in time.
My equipment: 110/800 (4′) Newtonian reflector, 2x barlow, 10mm eyepiece, 160x magnification.

Yours sincerely
Balázs Benei

4 thoughts on “An Excellent Piece: Kies Pi Dome”

  1. Balázs,

    You have made an excellent capture of this fine dome. This can be difficult to accomplish if the lighting and seeing are not perfect.

    Frank 🙂

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