Moon Illusion

Moon Venus conjunction

The Conjunction of the Moon and Venus
Sketch and Details by Juan Perez (Juanchin)

Object: Moon / Venus conjunction
Date: February 27, 2009
Time: 19:15 LST / 02:15 UT
Location: El Mirage , Arizona USA
Instrument: Oberwerk 12×60 5.7 deg FoV
Detector: visual observation
Weather: Scattered Wispy/ translucent clouds; poor seeing; temperature-low 70’s

Comments: This amazing view consisting of double crescents is what caught my attention. Considering the cloudy situation, there were occasional breaks when I was able to get a good glimpse of the spectacle, giving me the chance to memorize some details for this sketch. The 1 degree or less separation of this waxing meets waning event was well worth waiting for the “clear” breaks. At most the seeing had a wispy fog like film in the atmosphere that gave Venus a glowing effect sort of when optical equipment gets plagued by dew.

The sketch was done using charcoal pencils; 2B 4B 6B; Reeves nylon hair paint brush for a stump;Strathmore drawing medium paper; Windows Paint for inversion, coloring and text.


2 thoughts on “Moon Illusion”

  1. Juan,
    I was thinking about sketch like this. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the clear sky. Thanks for fine view!

    Marek 🙂

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