Giving Gassendi the Digital Treatment


Lunar Crater Gassendi
Sketch and Details by Bognár Tamás


Telescope: 3″ F/11 Newton and 7,5 mm Super Plossl eyepiece

Date: 05.01.2009
UT: 18:14-19:14
Col.: 40.5°

This digital drawing preparated ArtRage 2.5 programs.
The program perfectly emulates the paper ones and the various
draughting instruments! Worthy to test!

Observing Location: Zakany – Hungary, 46° 15′ N 16° 57’E elev.: 129m

Bognár Tamás

6 thoughts on “Giving Gassendi the Digital Treatment”

  1. Bognár,

    That is a very impressive digital sketch of Gassendi on the terminator. That long focal length scope gives you very impressive views that I can see via this fine drawing.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Bognar,
    The Frank is right. Interesting sketch.
    I wonder, if you have computer with your scope during the sketching or do You prepare some pencil sketch first?

    Marek 🙂

  3. I prepare the sketch with a pencil always. Recently black leprosy, with a white pencil draw. Does not dazzle in this manner in darkness the paper.

    I prepare the definitive drawing after this on a computer.

    Apology, the English language not my strength.

    Clear sky !

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